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Wrist Watch Style Anti Loss Device Blue

Wrist Watch Style Anti Loss Device Blue

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Product information:

Model: TF-380
Type: Anti loss device
Scope of application: Children
Volume ≥: 80 (dB)
Lighting function: None
Working voltage: 1.5V (V)
Working current: 1 (mA)
Color: Blue

Product functions and features:
1. Easy to use and wide applicability: This machine consists of two parts: a slave (transmitter) and a master (receiver). It is compact and easy to carry, and is widely used for preventing loss and theft of expensive and heavy items such as mobile phones, wallets, bags, children, etc
2. Fully functional, stable performance, adjustable distance (0-15 meters), anti loss, search, alarm sound prompt (or with vibration function), automatic power saving, and other functions. There are 512 encoding options using microcomputer control technology, and its performance is absolutely stable and reliable
3. Novel appearance, green and environmentally friendly design, compact and exquisite, with a usage frequency of 433MHz and a receiving sensitivity of -100dB. Instructions for use: Place the slave (transmitter) on the object (person) you want to prevent loss (theft), then turn on the switch of the master (receiver), hang it on your waist or put it in your pocket. When the protected object (person) is lost (stolen) and left a certain distance from the owner, the portable master (receiver) will automatically sound an alarm

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Anti loss device * 1

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