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Multi-functional Music Toy For Baby To Sleep

Multi-functional Music Toy For Baby To Sleep

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Product information:

Applicable crowd: unlimited, girls, boys
Features: pacify the baby's mood, soothe the spirit of sleep, music and lighting, puzzle
Toy material: plastic
Ability cultivation: emotion, vision, intelligence development, crawling, hands and brains, grasping, senses, hand-eye coordination, other ability cultivation, interactive toys, hearing, parent-child communication, interest cultivation
3C configuration category: plastic toys under the age of 14
Product size: 34 * 17 * 11cm
Real weight: 1.5kg
Charging mode: USB


1. ABS safety material, no burr, play safely
2. Exquisite and full embroidery, soft feel
3. Disassembly design, two-way use, combined design, convenient storage
4. Five-gear volume setting, suitable for movement and quiet, suitable for baby playing and sleeping

Packing list:

Baby music toys*1

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