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Electric Breast

Electric Breast

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1, main functions: synchronous breast pumping, dredging milk, soothing milk, breast massage, milk guidance and feeding with confidence.
2, material: safe material, no smell, pp + liquid silicone material, no bisphenol A, non-toxic, no smell.
3, Point of sale: dual suction mode of the simulated breast pump, 9-speed adjustment, decomposition suction more delicate, to meet the needs of different mothers.
4, Anti-return design: the milk in the bottle will not return to the main machine to avoid secondary pollution, the suction door, the silicone cylinder.
5, Multi feeding methods: not afraid of lack of electricity. It can be used for adapters, USB data cable, available to charge a treasure, a laptop, a regular power supply.

Name: bilateral electric breast pump
Material: silicone PP
Fashion: Prolactin massage
Position of speed: 9 speed position
Aspiration: ≤-50kpa
Adapter Settings: 110v-220v input
Bottle capacity 120 ml
Output: 5 v 1A

Electric breast pump * 1
Bottle of milk * 2
Lithium-free battery * 1
USB charging cable * 1
Milking tube * 3
Interface bifurcation tube * 1

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