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Baby pedal piano music fitness frame baby fitness blanket

Baby pedal piano music fitness frame baby fitness blanket

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Product Name: Baby Foot Piano Fitness Stand
Product material: plastic + polyester fiber

Key points:

Comfort: comfortable fabrics are clean and comfortable, safe materials ensure the health of your baby, ABS food is environmentally friendly, rich in content, silent, sound and light pedals.
Promoting development: As the baby expands and kicks in this colourful baby playroom, the development of the body enhances the athletic skills. The baby's activity pad can improve the coordination of baby toys and eyes.
It can help you exercise: let your child's foot touch the key and help them identify the connection between action and outcome. All they have to do is tap any piano button to activate the music!
Material: environmentally friendly ABS, cotton fabric, electronic components.
Portable and easy to clean: the carpet can be easily folded, compact, moved, moved from one room to another, or even outdoors. It is soft and water resistant, so it cleans and keeps cleanliness in centimeters.




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