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Baby's Anti-eating Artifact Or Hand Teeth Stick

Baby's Anti-eating Artifact Or Hand Teeth Stick

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Product information:

Material: Silicone
Packing: single pack
Applicable age: more than 3 months
Color: little lion-mint green, little lion-sweet yellow, little lion-cherry pink, little whale-ice blue, little whale-green grass, little whale-peach pink, little whale-lavender purple, baby octopus- Sky blue, baby octopus-pink and tender


Fun set of silicone teether
Baby's chewing "good helper"
Easily solve the baby's teething troubles
When the baby has itchy gums during dentition, the all-silicone teether passes through the bite points
Massage teeth to relieve various discomforts during teething
Free to bite without hurting your hands
The chewing bulge and outer ring gutta-percha are effective before the fingers touch the lips.
Relieve baby's finger deformation and hand foaming caused by long-term "eating hands"
Daily sterilization resistant to high temperature disinfection at 100°C
Note: 100°C boiling water disinfection does not exceed 30 seconds
Please avoid touching the bottom of the pot
Soft Q elastic massage floating point
Floating design gently massages the tender gums
Promote baby's gum development

Packing list:

Baby Ring Biting Finger Silicone Tool*1

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