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Baby Flower Bath Tub

Baby Flower Bath Tub

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Filling material: sponge
Plush category :Super soft short plush
Color: pink, purple, orange, yellow, green, rose red, sky blue, dark blue
1. Petal bathtub, soft bathtub, used directly as a baby bathtub, or it can be placed directly in the sink to bathe the baby. It is a good way to have a high-quality baby shower products experience. Forget those hard plastics, replace the baby plastic bathtub baby bathtub!
2. The shape of blooming petals replaces the design of traditional baby bathtub!
3. Handmade, cute soft suede, make the baby more joyful and comfortable when taking a bath!
4. Suitable for most sizes of sinks!
5. Machine washable, easy to dry

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